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Crash Course Parties: Cooking School Party


I wasn’t completely sure how a Cooking School would turn out, or if the girls would even enjoy making all of their own food, but they loved it. I liked having a small group to manage, and they all were very enthusiastic about everything!

I ordered black aprons from apronwarehouse.com. They were made from high quality fabric and well constructed. I had a friend of mine silk-screen my design on the front in white ink. The aprons became their “favor”. It was a little more expensive than I would normally spend, but I feel like it is something that can be used and enjoyed a lot longer than a bag of candy or junky toys. If aprons are out of your budget, you could get some colorful silicone whisks or rubber scrapers and use that as the favor.


The Invitation: I wanted the invitation and the party to have a French look, fresh and clean with lots of white and black and a touch of red. The invitation can be ordered from Brightside Prints.

The Party: After a mass hand-washing, the little chefs started with homemade pizzas. I made the dough balls ahead of time, so the girls each rolled one out and added the sauce and toppings.


While the pizzas went in the oven, they made their own fruit kabobs with fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and apples.


The girls ate their pizzas and fruit, then they all worked together to make cake batter. The batter was poured into individual dishes that can be placed straight in the oven to bake. While the cakes baked and cooled, the girls jumped on the trampoline and played Apples to Apples Jr.


BrightsidePrints_CookingPartyThe cakes were decorated with frosting and candy and eaten before I even got a photo! The girls were proud of their great work as chefs. Happy Birthday Natalie!


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