Crash Course Photography: Perspective

One of the things I’ve learned is to not always go for the obvious shot. Observe your surroundings. What would it look like to shoot from a different angle? Don’t be afraid to MOVE around. I found these photos on Pinterest and they didn’t have credits, but I thought it was a great illustration of what photographers do to change their perspective. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of a few of these positions. Using a horse as a tri-pod? genius.

Here are 5 ideas for changing your perspective.
1. Shoot from behind. Shouldn’t be your go-to position, but every so often it just works.

2. Shoot from an elevated position. I’m always climbing stuff to get photos from above. Trees, ladders, stairs, walls… Shooting from an elevated position is great for groups because you can get more faces in the photo. Shooting from slightly above your subjects is also ideal for portraits because it is a flattering angle. I always bring a step stool on my portrait photo shoots.

3. Shoot from ground level. Get low. I love the shot of my nephew playing cars in the dirt. He played for hours. The best way to capture that was to get down in the dirt with him. Photograph kids and babies at their eye level. CrashCourseCreative_Photography_Low
4. Get close. Zoom in on a face, hands, feet or details of a setting. CrashCourseCreative_Photography_Close
5. Shoot away from the action. What’s happening on the other side of the action? Capture the fans in the stands instead of just the action on the field. What is the audience doing? Anyone can photograph the characters in a parade, but your daughter’s expression as she sees the characters… that’s the shot you want.


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