Crash Course – 6 Years of Girl’s Camp


I recently returned from five days in the Sierras with 140 young women between the ages of 12-18. Along with a bunch of un-paid adults that volunteer their time and talents to make the annual church camp happen. Scott and I had the opportunity to serve as the camp lifeguards.
We spent most of our time here at the lake, it’s a rough job, but someone has to do it. The scenery is certainly breathtaking, but my favorite experience has been seeing the friendship and development of the girls over the last six years, especially my daughter and her friends.
Their first year. I was their cabin leader! Ali, Camryn, and Mackenzie met Kelsey for the first time. Everything was new and exciting.

Each year brought great experiences… performing skits, doing crafts, rapelling, rock climbing, spending time at the lake, learning new skills, and developing spiritual gifts.
Their 4th year was the most physically challenging. A 3 day backpacking hike over 20 miles. Each of their dads were there!
Their 5th year they served as Youth Counselors where they lead a small group of younger girls. It’s a huge responsibility.
This year they served as Youth Leaders and basically plan and run the entire camp. They are mentors and leaders to all of the younger girls. It’s been amazing to see what beautiful examples the girls have become. They are fun and complete goof-balls, yet at the same time compassionate, caring and embrace their roles as leaders. I love those girls, and all of the other girls and leaders up at Girl’s Camp. In 3 short years we will begin again with my youngest daughter, Natalie. I can’t wait.

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