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Crash Course – Wild About Watercolor

I haven’t really painted since I took a watercolor class in college sometime around 1995, but recently I decided to take a stab at it again. It’s fun to get off the computer and work with “real” art materials and at the same time frustrating because I can be a control freak and you can’t really control watercolor, you gotta just let it do it’s own thing and hope it does something you kinda like. At least that’s my relationship with it.
I’m working on some new watercolor patterns for Clairebella and some other watercolor graphics for some other projects.

The florals are working out ok, but for some reason I’m failing at my abstract attempts. Abstract can be deceptively difficult. But it’s been a fun crash course so far. What might be a fun pattern to try in watercolor? I’d love some more ideas!