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Product Review: Minted Custom Name Labels

I’ve decided to actually start posting here again, after years of neglect – ha! When I created my daughter’s blog, I realized I should be adding to mine too. So my first new post was inspired by her!

My daughter Sydney left a couple weeks ago on an 18 month mission to South America. One of the “requirements” was that they had to┬álabel EVERYTHING. It was a perfect opportunity to order a product that is offered by Minted (one of the companies that I design products for). Their custom name labels are very durable even dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe! I used them on all of Sydney’s electronics, her water filter, flashlight and other items. There are tons of really cute designs available. I chose this simple, modern looking design.

With a new school year approaching, I can see these labels being very handy for lunch boxes, sports equipment, and more. My favorite use for the labels has been for water bottles. We have lost SO many water bottles over the years… I would write our name with permanent marker, but after a few times in the dishwasher – it was gone. These labels have held up great so far! I’m also planning on ordering more for all of our camping equipment. My boys seem to come home with something missing every scout outing.


The labels also happen to be on sale right now! Check them out right here.