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Washington DC and More – The Food Tour

PA_Geno'sSteakThis is part 2 of our Washington DC Trip. All about our food adventures. Deserved a separate post.
Washington DC Favorites:

1. Good Stuff Eatery
Amazing handmade burgers, hand-cut fries and handspun ice cream shakes. The hamburgers were juicy and perfect. My husband was thrilled about the line up of fry sauces, reminding him of his days in Belgium. Seriously, he’s obsessed with it. The shakes were thick and creamy. We ordered several flavors and shared. Our favorites were the Salted Caramel Kiss and Red Velvet. If we come back to DC, this will be our first stop.

2. We the Pizza
Located next door to Good Stuff on Capitol Hill. Large variety of pizzas that you can order by the slice or by the pie. Go adventurous or stick with the classics. My favorite seasonal pizza was the Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Glaze.

3. Farmer’s Market at Department of Agriculture
Fridays, 9am to 2pm (May to October) in the parking lot next to the USDA Headquarters. It was a perfect place to stop and get a snack between museum visits. Fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and fresh kettlecorn. I loved the different varieties of crisp apples.

PA_EatingCheesesteakWe couldn’t drive to Philadelphia without getting cheesesteak for dinner. We stopped at the famous, friendly rivalry of Pat’s vs. Geno’s, serving cheese steak since 1930. We did understand that these places are largely a tourist thing and probably not even the best steaks in Philly, but we had to order from both and make our family decision. Our family vote was Pat’s. The meat seemed a little juicier and the rolls a little less chewy.

New York:
First of all, New York eating with seven people was a lot different than New York when it was just Scott & I. We had to go a little more budget friendly!
We had to do Pizza in Little Italy. And Lombardi’s is fantastic. We love the margherita pizza! The crust is perfection, topped with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and sweet basil.
We followed pizza with rice pudding from Rice to Riches. Lots of interesting flavors in a modern environment with sassy verbiage throughout. The pudding is very rich – definitely for sharing. Coast to Coast Cheesecake was my favorite.
While biking in Central Park we had to track down the Wafels and Dinges Food Truck. It’s hard to find authentic Belgian Wafels, but this place is legit. Traditional Belgian wafels with that crystallized sugar baked in and topped with your choice of toppings (dinges). I’ve tried one of savory selections (the pulled pork wafel) as well as their sweet offerings and both are SO good.

New York has so many amazing eating options. But alas we were only there a couple days.